What does KNKT do?

KNKT reminds you to stay in touch with friends, mentors, loved ones, and business contacts.

Let's be honest: making a quick call or emailing an old friend doesn't take long. And we all have time to spare while commuting or out walking. These litle acts helps maintain important relationships that may otherwise fade. Not to mention, being the first to reach out always buys you good will, personally or professionally.

KNKT will send your smartphone a notification at times you've told it you have a spare minute. Nothing too intrusive, but a subtle nudge to get you going.


How does KNKT work?

KNKT sends a small notification or pop-up to your smartphone to nudge you.

Tell KNKT:

  1. Who is important to you.
  2. How you prefer to stay in touch (phone, email, Facebook, etc.) - including person-specific functionality.
  3. Your availability.
Combining this information, KNKT will send you a little notification as a reminder to reach out to one of these individuals when you have the time.


Why do I need KNKT?

Because you're only human!

We don't want relationships to fade, but life gets in the way. We move, change jobs, make new friends, develop new passions. Unfortunately, we have a limited bandwidth in life. Now, KNKT remedies that!


Because we have to brag about KNKT's features...

Tell KNKT your availability

A reminder to check in with an old friend during an important meeting is annoying, so tell KNKT when you're free and reminders will never conflict.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

KNKT will have no problem with your Android, Apple or Windows devices.

Group People

Not every relationship holds the same importance or requires the same nurturing. So, group people and set different preferences for groups of people.

Sleep KNKT

Swamped at work? On vacation? Turn off KNKT temporarily to give you a bit of R&R.


Having to choose who we check in with and when to do it is paralyzing. Let KNKT do it for you by randomizing its suggested check in.

Are You Still Reading This?

Because this is a fighter jet. We added it to a congruent design. But if you're still unconvinced and need a 6th feature, we can invent one...

KNKT is en route!

We know you want to KNKT with loved ones, and believe us, we want you to! We designed this product because we want to use it, too. But we don't want to release anything substandard, so please bear with us as we work out all the kinks for you and enter your email address so we can tell you as soon as KNKT.ME is ready!